About Us


And, exploded into a national mission to make the venture of travellers memorable and homely while providing income opportunities to many individuals owning an empty space, spare room and other rental firms. 

It all started around a small village of Hunza in 2018 for Founders, Izzat Bibi & Aamir Khan. While witnessing unemployment all over the region, They noticed how the community was struggling to educate their children. They commenced this venture of Chkar.com to provide income opportunities for many individuals who lacked proper employment. 

Our Community

Chkar lodging and experiences accommodations have been a hit since their inception. We attempt to create an interconnected community where guests and hosts can relate to each other. Our main goal is to make the journey of travellers more homely and relaxed. 

Thus, today more than thousand individuals are utilising our platform to generate revenue while we allow the locals to host different experiences to earn more income. We are most thankful for our social media community that grows extensive everyday. 

Why we started Chkar

 The only thing that led us to initiate this novel initiative was the lack of accommodations for travellers in Hunza. We witnessed travellers who were seeking local accommodations, primarily a traditional home. During summers it gets difficult for the hotel and guest house owners to accommodate such a huge mass. Thus, this thing led us to initiate this novel initiative of Chkar lodging and Experiences. 

We witnessed travellers weren’t connecting themselves with the local community. We believe that for a successful and memorable trip it’s important to build the connection between the travellers and the local community. We instigated our initiative to connect the travellers with the local community to make them experience the local culture, food and variant rituals. 

Our Vision

We strive to connect people and create a hassle free travel solution.

Our Mission

We help tourists find a home away from home at the best price and provide an opportunity to experience the local culture.

Our Services

Chkar.com is an online marketplace, enabling people to lease or short rent lodging (Hotels, vacation rentals, homestays, hostel beds ), share experience (Hunting, adventure, climbing and a lot more), events for people to join and unforgettable food tastes through our website and guests can book it. 

Through Chkar Expeditions we offer private tours to the Northern areas of Pakistan. In Chkar expeditions, we arrange private tours for couples and families mainly for destinations in Northern Pakistan. We provide end to end, touchless service delivery to our guests to ensure safety in the “new normal”.

Click here to find tours to Northern Pakistan through Chkar Expeditions 

Our Values

  • Supporting SDG#15: Life on land 
  • Preserving and promoting  Indigenous culture 
  • Connecting people 
  • Empowering local community 
  • Sustainable and Green tourism
  •  Adventurous experiences
  •  Travel hustle free solution